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Nature Photos Remind Me to Enjoy the Little Things

Practicing mindful awareness daily helps me see the beauty that surrounds me.

One thing the pandemic has confirmed is that I don’t need to go on expensive trips or buy fancy things to enjoy my days. Since March 2020 we have stayed close to home and spent many days in and around our neighbourhood. It has been an opportunity to stop and take in simple moments, appreciating and admiring my surroundings. Here are a few shots from my daily life – on walks, in my neighbourhood, in my backyard and on lunch breaks. As you will notice, I love nature and colour! As I learned, and share in Good Morning, Life!, when we are living life in the present moment we will be awake to see the beauty of the world around us.

Even though sometimes every day feels like groundhog day due to our limitations from the pandemic, each day has a unique beauty. These nature photos are a reminder for me to enjoy the little things in life and be present.